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Specialty Eyewear

woman and child on a slide wearing sunglassesWe often need different types of eyewear for different situations. Luckily, there are many choices of specialty eyewear.

Specialized glasses are available for excellent vision and comfort for many activities, including computers, work, sports and recreation. Glasses that provide extra safety are available for work, recreational activities, and sports, which will serve your eyes better than your “everyday” glasses.

Computer Glasses

There are many problems associated with sitting for long periods looking at a computer screen, including fatigue, eyestrain and muscle strain. Computer glasses are made with lenses designed to help you see your best at the distance between your eyes and your computer screen. Computer glasses corrects well for this distance, and not only will you see better, but these glasses help to reduce or eliminate eyestrain and other problems associated with computer use.

Reading and close work

Bifocals are not necessarily comfortable when you are sitting and reading, as you need to tilt your head slightly to see the page properly. A pair of reading glasses is the perfect answer. With reading glasses the near portion of the lens is much larger. With the larger lens reading, and doing close work like sewing or beading, is much more comfortable and easier on your eyes.

Yard Work and Working with Power Tools

Serious eye injuries from high-speed projectiles can be the result of working with different power tools such as grinding tools, power trimmers and lawn mowers. Working with any type of tool has the potential to cause things to fly through the air, and hit your eyes. It’s important to wear safety glasses when you are engaged in any of these activities.

Sports Eyewear

Special sports eyewear is available that is tinted to improve vision on the golf course, tennis court and ski slope. Eyeglasses that are made specifically for sports can improve performance by improving vision, and at the same time protecting your eyes from possible injury.

Glasses for Driving

There are two different categories of driving glasses, sunglasses and prescription. Prescription glasses made for night driving include your prescription for distance, an anti-reflective (AR) coating. The AR coating reduces glare from oncoming headlights as well as glare from streetlights. This coating also enables additional light to reach your eyes, which provides better vision on the dark roads. Polarized sunglasses that are made for driving reduce glare. Sunglasses with special tints increase contrast which provides for a safer driving experience, and easier vision when the day is sunny.

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